Interbid Bidding Practice FAQ Requirements

Webcast System Requirements

Javascript enabled
JavaScript is required for the main bidding client (the HTML5 version) to run. The bidding client program will say if JavaScript is not enabled. Instructions for enabling JavaSript can be found here. It is rare but also possible that although JavaScript is enabled it may be blocked by some Internet Security programs. Again the bidding client will tell you if this is the case. If JavaScript is being blocked by another program it will need to be allowed in order to bid.

The bidding client will tell you if it is being blocked by a firewall. The Windows firewall and most home firewalls do not block this traffic. Some routers can contain a firewall that can block this traffic. Such restrictive firewalls are often found in secure offices like banks etc. Usually the easiest solution is to avoid the firewall altogether. You might try bidding on your smart phone or connecting using mobile broadband or by using a mobile phone as a hotspot. If you can change the firewall, the settings required are. The program uses Secure WebSockets on TCP port 8443 to communicate to the auction server. The auction server is at IP address It is normally possible to allow traffic on port 8443 to just the auction server and so not open the port up to anyone else.

Satellite Internet
The auction webcast program runs well over Dialup, ADSL, Cable, GPRS and mobile broadband, however people using the Internet via satellite may experience unworkable delays, dropouts or simply not be able to connect at all. Unfortunately the transmission delays on most satellite Internet systems can make live bidding impractical.